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Group therapy is offered on an as-needed basis and content may vary depending on the needs of those participating. Please contact our office for further details about how to join a group below.

Summer Women's Betrayal Group

8 Weeks

Date: Mondays 6:30-7:30pm

Format: online - contact Janet for meeting link

Cost: FREE


This summer we are trying something new in light of social distancing.
Women will watch short videos ahead of time which we will discuss during our online group meeting.

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Developing a clearer understanding of betrayal trauma and the path to healing using the framework of Internal Family Systems
Understanding relational patterns and setting healthy boundaries
Gaining practical information and validation of your emotions
Talking openly and honestly in a confidential environment
Creating lifelong coping skills and self-care practices
Reducing distress, depression, and isolation
Acquiring a sense of empowerment

contact Janet for more details



Upcoming Group

10-12 Weeks

Date: Fall 2020

Format: Psycho-educational


  • To be determined


  • Too many to count

contact Janet for more details