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frequently asked questions

Sometimes getting started with counseling can be a bit overwhelming. Let us help simplify things as much as possible.

Get started by filling out an online form. We'll then give you a call to discuss your needs and make sure we're a good fit for your situation. If we are, we'll send you an invite to our Client Portal to get started.   ---   GO TO FORM
Most sessions last 45 minutes, unless otherwise stipulated by an insurance company.
Log in to the Client Portal and use the weekly view to find a time that works for you. A request will be sent to us, we will accept or decline it and you will receive a confirmation email.
Log in to the Client Portal, locate your session under "Upcoming Sessions," click "Cancel Session" to remove it, then browse for a new time that works for you.
Log in to the Client Portal and locate your session under "Upcoming Sessions." If the appointment is over 24 hrs away, you can click "Cancel Session" and will not be charged.  If it less than 24 hrs prior, you will be charged for the session. Insurance typically does not cover these fees.
Cancellations more than 24 hrs prior to the appointment are understandable.  Cancellations less than 24 hrs in advance will be billed in full. No-Shows are billed in full. Extenuating circumstances may apply.
Intake sessions are $195, individual sessions are $155, couples/family sessions are $175.  (rates typically change 7/1)
We accept most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, but not all. Please contact BCBS directly to confirm coverage.
Out-of-Network plans sometimes have benefits that exceed In-Network plans, so please contact your insurance carrier directly to confirm "Out-Of-Network Benefits."
This depends on which insurance you have, whether we are in or out of network, what benefits your plan offers for mental health and whether you've met your deductible or not. Please call your insurance carrier ahead of time to confirm your mental health benefits.
Credit/debit card is the preferred method; payment is run nightly. Exact cash or checks may also be used. (fees for returned checks apply)
Client Portal
Our practice uses an online system to manage scheduling, billing and intake paperwork. It makes things super simple, especially scheduling. Via your secure portal, you can view when we're available and reserve a time slot with a single click!
You are always welcome to call the office to discuss scheduling. Call: 402-937-0543
We disinfect the waiting room and commons areas hourly. Therapists are encouraged to disinfect their rooms after each session. Our care coordinator disinfects all rooms at the start of each day. As many paths of transmission have been removed from the waiting room as possible, ie magazines, games, toys, etc.
During the spring of 2020, we are offering telehealth as an alternative to in-person counseling. While the quality of care is not as high, it does offer other benefits that serve our clients and community. Please read more on the pros and cons of telehealth here.