Marriage Recovery Course

Comprehensive, Collaborative, Coordinated


The most comprehensive guide for couples to overcome

Porn/Sex Addiction, Affairs & Betrayal Trauma

Due to the highly successful approach that Jeremy uses to guide couples through the recovery journey, his waitlist grew to over two years long. To better serve couples in need of immediate care, he created an online course that covers a majority of the concepts taught in the first 20-25 sessions of therapy.

While it is NOT THERAPY, it a perfect adjunct to therapy and allows couples to get started immediately on a comprehensive, collaborative and coordinated path to healing from porn/sex addiction, affairs and the ensuing betrayal truama.

Couples now see more effective results in less time due to the HYBRID approach to the recovery process. By combining the benefits of online instruction available 24/7 with the personalized care of 1:1 therapy, they experience accelerated healing through a synergistic approach.

This is a highly unique approach that combines the best of Sex Addiction, Betrayal Trauma and Marriage Restoration.






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