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Jeremy Smith



Licensed Professional Counselor

Sexual Recovery Therapist

Jeremy has a passion for life, a wide variety of interests and is gifted in many ways. When time and capacity allow, he plays violin and saxophone at his church, teaches dance with his wife and enjoys photography, biking and computers. For 11 years he taught subjects such as Physics, Physical Science, Earth Science, Christian World View, Japanese, German and Ballroom Dance.

Jeremy enjoys working with a wide variety of people, including adults, college age, couples, families, pastors and missionaries. He enjoys helping people develop healthy boundaries, improve their communication habits and break free from pornography/sex addiction and other destructive behaviors.

Jeremy offers a global perspective thanks to his years living in Germany and Japan along with multiple other international travels. In 2008 he married his best friend and they had a son in 2014, a daughter in 2016 and a daughter in 2018.  Bring on the tea-parties and tutu skirts!


Areas of Expertise

Marriage and Family

Porn/Sex Addiction

Betrayal Trauma


Skillful Communication

Boundary Development

Spiritual Integration



Common Issues

Conflict Resolution

Self-image Issues

Depression and Anxiety

Grief and Loss

Identity Development

Life Transition


Clientele Served





Ministry Staff




A little something extra about Jeremy...

Graduate: Doane College --- Masters of Arts in Counseling
Specialization: Sexual Addictions --- AASAT (American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy)
Undergraduate: University of Nebraska at Kearney --- Bachelor of Arts in Education of Physics, German
International Study: Japan (Sapporo, Ozu) - 1 year
High School: Hastings Public High School
Exchange Year Abroad: Germany (Baden-Baden, Hamm)

  • Technology, computers, web design
  • Playing violin and saxophone on church worship team
  • Designing, engineering and building stuff
  • Taking my wife on long walks on the beach
  • Having romantic candle lit dinners (while the two year old makes a wild mess of his food)

  • Travel with my wife abroad to counsel missionaries in the field
    4.5 out of 5

    My wife and I have long had the dream of regularly flying overseas to help support missionaries on the field.

  • Start a Business
    4.0 out of 5

    To start a counseling practice with my wife to serve those locally and internationally.

  • Have a house in the country
    3.5 out of 5

    Where I can see horizon to horizon and hear nothing but nature.

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